3 Month Program

Spring In Season Baseball Training Program

Monday, February 4th – Saturday, May 4th

Many athletes are worried about recovery or soreness with training during the season. As a reminder, the in-season programs are significantly reduced in how much total work we are doing, again with an added focus on recovery and making sure you leave each session feeling better than when you arrived. In season sessions are designed to be completed in 30-40 minutes and come with a customized corrective exercise program to prevent typical muscle imbalances and mobility restrictions that occur with increased time on the field.

In season we take a very individualized approach with each athlete and work to build their routine around each individuals body and role on the field. This means that the program for a pitcher only who starts every Thursday and is a main contributor will differ from a younger player who plays sparingly. The younger player will have an increased focus on continued development in season with a continued emphasis on improving their physical abilities.



  • $275
  • Unlimited
  • Weekly Sessions
  • Recommended Days
  • 2-3 Days Per Week
Two Payment Options: Paid in Full OR Payment Plan (3 monthly payments of $91.67). If you have an issue or any questions with payment options, please contact us!        


  • Open Gym Hours
  • Monday – Thursday
  • 4:30 – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday-Sunday
  • 1:00 – 4:00 PM

Athletes are welcome to train at any time during these hours. Each athlete will have a customized program and have access to our coaches to ensure they are performing the movements properly.

Recommend training frequency based on athlete's age & role on team

    • Position Player Starter: 2x/week
    • Position Player Bench Player, JV/FROSH: 2-3x/week
    • 2 Way Pitcher/Position Player Starter: 2x/week, second session focused on mobility/recovery/core
    • Starting Pitcher Only: 3x/week, third day is a mobility/core/activation only day