Dedicated to helping athletes reach their fullest potential.
Our Story

We founded this company in 2016 with the mission of helping every athlete we interact with reach their ceiling. Through our strength and conditioning services, we provide an environment where athletes can grow both physically and mentally, both on and off the field. We are a sports performance company, but our scope of influence goes beyond simply physically developing athletes. We want to create an environment where athletes can be surrounded by others with similar goals and aspirations, be coached and mentored by professionals who have been where they want to go and be given instruction beyond correct exercise technique. Our athletes know that when we speak to them it is coming from a background of having been in their shoes. Our culture is built on a foundation of trust, trust that is built through genuine and meaningful interactions. When you come to T3 you can expect to work with coaches that are fully invested in you, not only as an athlete but as a person.

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What to Expect
Each athlete begins with an assessment that allows us to identify strengths and weaknesses.
From there athletes will train in small groups with individualized coaching. Sessions are
approximately 75 mins long and are focused on developing strength, speed, power and velocity.
  • A positive, family centered environment, focused on helping athletes achieve their goals
  • Baseball specific strength, power and speed training program
  • Emphasis on character and personal development
  • Functional Movement Screen Individualized Assessment
  • Coaches with college/professional playing backgrounds